Welcome to Melanion Capital

Melanion Capital was established in 2012 to take advantage of investment opportunities in a rapidly growing market - dividends. Our investment team has specific experience of investing in dividends using a strategy that has a successful track record stretching back to 2008.

Melanion's strategy is ideal for investors looking for diversified source of steady, absolute performance. The strategy's returns display a low correlation with traditional asset classes and other alternative managers as well as underlying conditions in the global economy and financial markets.

Institutional approach

We have a strong investment edge as one of the first managers investing in dividends. Our institutional approach combines a clearly defined investment process with rigorous risk management. It is backed by a robust operational infrastructure, which blends in-house expertise with specialist external service providers.

The name Melanion comes from Greek mythology - a figure who won the hand of Atalanta after using golden apples as part of his strategy to win a race. Melanion surpassed others through his eagerness to undertake difficult challenges. Inspired by this approach, we seek to deliver attractive investment returns from thorough analysis on the fruit of company earnings - dividends.

With headquarters in Paris, Melanion Capital, is regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF - www.amf-france.organd is a member of the Association Française de Gestion Financière (AFG - www.afg.asso.fr).

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